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Omnia Has Turbo Version

Omnia Has Turbo Version

Omnia is offering a software upgrade to its Omnia-3fm processor.
“The biggest news is a whole new AGC section with three bands of AGC plus wideband AGC,” a company spokesman said, giving owners more ability to tailor their sound.
The Omnia-3fmt, the company said, offers smoother segment-to-segment consistency, “a sort of automatic EQ function.” It described a warmer, “phatter” sound in low frequencies and open, natural highs.
Features include 48kHz sampling, multi-band processing, AES/EBU inputs and outputs; multiband limiter using a feedback configuration for low and mid bands, while high bands use a feedforward design; Bass Management controls; a remote software application that can connect via serial or optional modem or Ethernet ports; distortion-canceling composite clipping stage; and removable PC card. Info: