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Omnia Introduces AM Processor With Digital in Mind

Omnia Introduces AM Processor With Digital in Mind

Seeking to enhance its market niche as radio converts to digital, Omnia has rolled out an audio processor for the AM band called the Omnia-5EX HD+AM.
A company spokesman called it the first AM audio processor with a dual structure to process HD Radio and analog AM simultaneously.
The product routes processed audio from its multiband mixer to separate output stages. One is optimized for conventional AM, the second for HD Radio and DAB, Webcasting, satellite and other digital distribution networks, the company stated.
“A lot of knowledgeable broadcasters are saying that HD Radio will benefit AM stations the most,” said President Frank Foti. He said the Omnia-5EX HD+AM “was designed to do two things at once: help AM stations prepare for the digital future, while offering immediate improvement to conventional AM broadcasts.”