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Omnia Offers EXi Upgrade to Current Users

Omnia Offers EXi Upgrade to Current Users

Omnia said owners of its Omnia-6, -5 or -4.5 FM or AM audio processors can add power to their units through the company’s new EXi upgrade package, which includes the new Omnia Diversity Delay and LoIMD Clipper.
The company said those features enhance and simplify the HD Radio audio chain. The LoIMD Clipper is suitable for stations processing for competitive loudness. It says intelligent processing algorithms adapt to signal content and density, producing “sustained audio signals that don’t inter-modulate among other spectra.” Omnia says this means the clipper retain powers and impact, but reduces or eliminates intermodulation distortion from moderate to aggressive levels of clipping.
It said the new Diversity Delay feature will appeal to digital broadcasters. It is applied to the analog portion of HD Radio broadcasts, to synch it with the digital audio stream.
“At present, the HD Radio system configuration inserts this analog signal delay inside the HD Radio exciter, where a single component failure could instantly take both audio signals off the air,” the company said. “Omnia Diversity Delay moves this function out of the exciter and into the audio processor, easily isolating the HD Radio and conventional signals and eliminating signal interdependence.”
Omnia-6 or -5 processors may add EXi specifications for $990; Omnia-4.5 units can be upgraded for $1,990.
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Info: Omnia Audio Technical Support at 216-241-7225.