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Omnia Replies to Orban Reply

Omnia Replies to Orban Reply

The volley of words over on-air audio processing continues.
“Having read Jay Brentlinger’s letter regarding our recent press release, I am compelled to clarify some points, lest readers be left with a wrong impression,” wrote Omnia Audio Marketing Specialist Clark Novak.
He was responding to a written statement by Orban President/CEO Jay Brentlinger who had, in turn, issued a reply to an earlier Omnia press release. (The full text of all three statements is now available at
“Jay asks whether our statistics represent stations using Omnia on-air. Of course,” Novak wrote. “Any other measurement would be meaningless.”
In reply to Brentlinger’s question about how Omnia did in markets outside of New York City, Dallas and Philadelphia, Novak said, “We’re delighted to report that Omnia has advanced in all of the other top 10 ARB markets as well. …. Omnia is now on eight of the top 10 FM stations in Houston, and six of 10 in Detroit, D.C. and Chicago.
“With respect to Los Angeles, our survey confirms Jay’s claim: Omnia is on two of the top 10 stations.”
Novak also said that, although the overall number of processors shipped was beyond the original scope of the press release, “Omnia-6 has shipped well in excess of 850 units,” the number of Optimod 8400s Orban says it has sold.