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Omnia Rolls Out HD Radio/FM Combo Processor

Omnia Rolls Out HD Radio/FM Combo Processor

Gearing up for HD Radio and for the NAB convention season, Omnia has announced a new audio processor for FM air chains.
“FM broadcasters upgrading their radio stations to HD Radio capability can now enjoy seamless, synchronized audio processing for both HD Radio and FM analog signals,” the company stated.
The model is the Omnia-6hdfm. It uses 96-kHz, 24-bit sampling, which the supplier calls the highest sampling rate of any broadcast processor.
“This … also makes Omnia-6hdfm the only broadcast audio processor capable of reproducing the entire range of frequencies that IBOC is capable of, up to 20 kHz.”
Dual outputs allow simultaneous processing for digital and analog audio chains. A split processing structure routes audio from the mixer section to separate, concurrent output stages.
The IBOC section has selectable frequency response, up to 20 kHz. A look-ahead final limiter conditions audio for the bit-reduced encoders employed in IBOC systems, while the conventional FM signal receives distortion-controlled final limiting with pre-emphasis and 15 kHz filtering. Features include a six-band limiter, five AGC bands with adjustable AGC crossovers and wideband AGC; twin displays with Dorrough Loudness Meters; remote control via Ethernet, serial or modem connection; and plug-in software architecture. Retail price is $12,570. An upgrade package is available to users of the Omnia-6fm for $980. Info: