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Encoding and streaming software includes Omnia.9 processing
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Omnia Audio has developed Internet audio encoding and streaming software with Omnia.9 processing built in.

The Omnia.9/XE is Windows software (XP and above) independent of any special processing card requirements. It is compatible with ASIO and WDM audio interfaces (concurrently if necessary). It can operate within an Axia Livewire environment.

For encoding/streaming purposes it is compatible with MP3/MP2/AAC/aacPlus/WMA encoders and Shoutcast, Icecast, Wowza and Windows media servers. According to Omnia it can handle up to 16 streams at a time.

On the processing side there is a de-clipper, six-band parametric EQ, two-seven band multiband processor, multiband stereo enhancer, downward expander, low-bitrate optimizer and a lookahead limiter.


Omnia Ships Two New Processors

Citing demand driven by HD Radio multicasts, streaming Internet audio and networked delivery system cluster installations, Omnia Audio is shipping two new processors: Omnia One FM and Omnia.8X.