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Omnia.11 Climbs the Eiffel Tower

RFM installs new broadcast processor

RFM is the first station in Paris to install an Omnia.11 processor.

Jean-Philippe Denac is program director. He told Omnia that he acted on the recommendation of audio expert, David Perreau, who tested various processors.

RFM has been operating since 1981.

“It was founded as an independent station, later owned by the British firm Crown,” Omnia reported. “Today, RFM is one of the major stations of the media giant Groupe Lagardère, which also operates Europe 1 and the French stations of Virgin Radio. It is consistently one of the top-rated stations in Paris.”

The contemporary music station broadcasts on 103.9 MHz from atop the Eiffel Tower with the slogan“ Ecoutez le Meilleur de la Musique” (“The better one for music”).