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Omnitronix Has Power Management Line for Remote Sites

Omnitronix Has Power Management Line for Remote Sites

Omnitronix is offering PowerBoss One, intended to be the first in a line of power management products; it is targeted at broadcast, telecom and wireless providers using remote sites.
The company says the product enables individual power-cycling control. This, it says, offers flexibility at remote sites with the ability of controlling up to eight pieces of equipment, like routers, servers and air conditioners, even at mixed voltage signals.
The system uses mechanical relays that the company says can each handle AC or DC current up to 10 amps at 60VDC or 277VAC.
“Unlike other power switching devices that use solid-state switches, the PB1 relays can be used in a normally closed position, which ensures that power will still be provided to all remote equipment even if the PB1 were to experience a failure,” it stated. “This helps avoid a single point of failure.” It says this is the first product to accommodate the mixed voltages commonly found in remote site cabinets such as -48 and 24 VDC.
“Previous computer-controlled power switches that can turn power off or on typically bring all the equipment down with them should they lose their power.” With the PB1, it said, the power connection is always on.
The unit operates as an attachment to other Omnitronix site monitoring equipment.
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