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OMT Buys Multimedia Content Provider

OMT Buys Multimedia Content Provider

OMT Inc. now owns what it calls one of the world’s largest media databases.
The company, known to broadcasters as the supplier of MediaTouch products, has purchased the assets of musicmusicmusic inc., a Toronto-based multimedia content provider.
President/CEO Scott Farr said the deal gives OMT a database of 365,000 digital audio tracks and several thousand digital DVD movie and video game trailers.
“The sophisticated SQL content management database and a secure Internet-based content delivery system, also acquired as part of the transaction, provides the infrastructure to immediately deliver subscription-based multimedia services to existing clients and new customers.”
Those services, he stated, include a commercial music service, branded Internet streaming radio service, digital audio updates services for radio stations and a retail CD, DVD and video game previewing service. OMT said it expects to distribute these services through business partners.