OMT Updates iMediaTouch

OMT Updates iMediaTouch
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Also from OMT Technologies, Version 2.0 of iMediaTouch is available.
Improvements in Log Tools include playback features to test logs before they air; scheduled show log loads for DJ shift changes and satellite drop liners; a template generator to simplify satellite content creation by breaking down the day into one-hour blocks; and a summary on-screen report to identify exceptions during the merge process.
Improvements to Oplog On-Air include on-air voice tracking with fade controls, segue timing and ducking; on-air front- and back-sell information; an on-screen recorder for phone bits; new hot key fade and repeat modes; and audio auditioning from within the library.
Production features include a new user interface, better search engine functions and enhanced editing. OMT said the version also has improved automation and voicetracking functions. Info:


OMT Debuts v2.6 iMediaTouch

OMT will showcase version 2.6 of its iMediaTouch automated and live assist digital delivery system, and says it has added 48 operational features including FailSafe in case of a server failure, and Auto Trim for fine-tuning recordings.