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Online Ad Verification Guidelines Released

IAB worked with MRC on development

Radio isn’t the only industry where ad verification is an issue.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau has released what it calls the final version of the “Guidelines for the Conduct of Ad Verification,” a set of “common methods and practices for ad verification.”

In a new and quickly-evolving, fast-developing advertising field, those guidelines are designed to provide “vital assurances to marketers and publishers alike that companies engaged in the verification of interactive advertising campaigns can themselves be auditing against a common, transparent standard.”

The guidelines address items in a variety of venues such as mobile or email campaigns and subjects such as what to do in the case of ad blocking and the quality of geo-targeting/geo-locating.

IAB Vice President, Advertising Technology, Steve Sullivan explained: “While ad verification in principle is valuable to the digital advertising industry, the lack of accountability created tension between the publishers and marketers. We developed these guidelines to introduce a level of consistency into campaign assessments commensurate the industry’s standards for impression measurement.”

Executive Director and CEO of the Media Rating Council George Ivie said: “Consistent and transparent conduct of ad verification is vital for deepening confidence in the industry and driving the advancement of digital advertising.”