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Online EAS Test Report Form Now Available

Commission creates Nationwide EAS Test Reporting Database

The first of several online forms that you’ll be able to use to report to the FCC about experiences in the national EAS test is now posted.

The commission has created what it’s calling the “Nationwide EAS Test Reporting Database.” Radio engineers today are poring over the instructions as well as a new FCC handbook that is required to be posted at EAS equipment locations. Read the handbook here (as updated Nov. 3 with shorter test length).

The first form asks each EAS participant for identifying and background information, including EAS designation, EAS monitoring assignments, facility location, equipment type and contact information. That is online until Dec. 27.

The second form will ask each EAS participant whether it received the nationwide EAS test EAN alert code and, if required to do so, whether the participant propagated the EAN downstream. That form will be available starting Nov. 9 until Dec. 27.

Form 3 will ask you to submit information regarding the receipt and retransmission (if applicable) of the EAN alert code, including an explanation of any complications. Details include what time (including time zone) the alert code was received, the time of retransmission of the EAN alert code and the source from which the alert code was received. Form 3 will be available Nov. 9 through Dec. 27.

The reporting system forms and the new handbook can be accessed at