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Online Music Listening On the March

New study outlines increase in online listening, especially with mobile devices

In what might be a study that generates a lot of attention, debate and criticism, digital marketing and media research firm Mobile Posse says mobile media and over-the-air listening are evenly split.

According to the findings of a survey encompassing 175,000 respondents, 60% of consumers were listening “on-the-go” using a mobile phone or a tablet PC. Online music service Pandora fared well in the survey with 35% of the respondees picking it as a favorite, followed by Rhapsody,, Spotify and Slacker. Twenty percent claimed they wouldn’t pay for an online music service, preferring free, ad-supported models, according to Mobile Posse.

Mobile Posse analyst Nathan Hamme said, “Mobile is becoming a clear leader in music consumption, as it provides numerous channels for listening to and discovering new music.” He added: “Between already available music apps, streaming radio, podcasts and personal music libraries, consumers find drastically better customization and portability in this new generation of mobile phones. And when it comes to empowering users to discover new music, mobile must be a key aspect in any promoter’s marketing arsenal.”

The survey was conducted Nov. 15–18, within a group of 3.7 million mobile phone users, with a response of 175,000.