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Online, On-Demand Talk Network Launches

Online, On-Demand Talk Network Launches

What is an on-demand radio talk network? Planet Earth Radio wants you to find out.
The network launches what it calls the world’s largest network of on-demand talk radio stations, on Monday (Dec. 8), featuring 10 channels of features and interviews.
The company believes this is the beginning of a new era for Internet radio.
“Many of the early broadcasting pioneers were beaten by the cost of distributing large-scale audio online,” it stated. “The Planet Earth Radio network is subscription-based and commercial-free, offering listeners across the world unlimited access to all 10 channels for $5.95 per month.”
channels will focus on personal development, relationships, health, business and entrepreneur success, money and wealth, internet and technology, future, space and astronomy.
Planet Earth Radio’s CEO is Chris Cardell