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Opticodec Covers World Series

Opticodec Covers World Series

The Orban Opticodec 7000 was on-hand during the World Series to record post-game news conferences and interviews, then edit and transmit the audio footage via ISDN to waiting newspaper and radio clients.
Orban/CRL’s Dean Tiernan, the product manager for editing and codecs, used the system to cover the Series and supplied the audio to the producers of “The Diamond Gems Baseball Show” radio program. Files were also converted to the Real Audio format for use on the Internet sports editions of “The Los Angeles Times” and “The Orange County Register.”
The Opticodec 7000 contains an ISO/MPEG Layer II- and Layer III-compliant codec and a digital audio recorder and digital audio editor for Layer II. It also has G.722 7-kHz and G.711 telephone modes. The system reduces the bit-rate required to transmit and receive audio between the audio source and the remote receiver location.