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Optimod Goes PC

Optimod Goes PC

New from Orban is the Optimod-PC 1100. It is designed to run on Windows 2000 and Windows XT. Version 1.0 of the control software and driver can control Optimod-PC cards on a local computer or anywhere on a network.
The company’s goal is to bring its Optimod 6200 processing inside the computer at lower cost than the stand-alone 6200 or 6200S processors. The processing is optimized for digital transmission channels that use lossy compression, like Internet streaming and digital radio.
With a PCI expansion chassis, a computer typically can support up to 12 cards, each processing stereo audio. Without an expansion chassis, the limit is four, determined by available PCI slots. By adding host computers to the network, one Optimod-PC application can control an unlimited number of cards.
Orban targets the Optimod-PC for streaming because of its ability to connect to applications like Windows Media Encoder or Helix Producer through Windows’ WAVE mechanism. But the company says it is also a pro-quality sound card with analog and AES/EBU inputs and outputs that allow it to emulate a hardware processor in digital radio and production studio applications. On-board Motorola 56362 DSP chips perform the audio processing, freeing the host computer’s CPU for other tasks. Retail price is $1,490. Info: