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Optimod-8400 Turns on Dublin

Optimod-8400 Turns on Dublin

Dublin is one of Europe’s most competitive and vibrant radio markets. When new Hot Urban Contemporary station Spin 1038 was being planned, execs. knew they needed something to make the station stand out.
Orban’s Irish distributor, Total Broadcast Ltd., demonstrated the Optimod-FM
8400 to Program Director Liam Thompson before the recent launch.
“We demo’d the 8400 with a CD player and an FM exciter running into a dummy load, right in the client’s office,” said Total Broadcast’s Andy Linton. “We were easily able to make the 8400 sound louder than all other FM stations.”
Chris Doyle, the station’s Operations Manager, said, “We made great use of the modem link to the Optimod 8400 when we launched. It allowed us make subtle changes to our sound remotely, rather than traveling to the transmission site.”