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Orban Debuts 1020 FE for Podcasting, Live Streaming

Orban Debuts 1020 FE for Podcasting, Live Streaming

Circuit Research Labs has released the Orban Opticodec 1020 FE encoding application. It is aimed at netcasting, file encoding, podcasting, audio content downloading and mobile 3GPP devices.
The product is out of Orban’s Personal Computer Product Division, and is an addition to Orban’s line of “Optimized Audio” equipment for the Internet.
The 1020 FE line supports the MP4 line of codecs including AAC and HE-AAC/aacPlus. It can produce iPod-compatible podcasts that can be streamed live or played on demand. Also included are file hinting for streaming applications and 3GPP mobile phones. The 1020 FE can tag and add graphics for album art or logos.
The Opticodec 1020 FE Professional and Enterprise editions support batch encoding that can be launched from the application or command line. 3GPP hinting is available on the Enterprise edition only.