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Orban Details Optimod-DAB 6300

Orban Details Optimod-DAB 6300

Orban/CRL is out with its Orban Optimod 6300-DAB processor.
Applications include digital radio, digital television, netcasts, STL protection, audio production and digital mastering.
It uses PreCode technology, which Orban says pre-processes audio to minimize audible artifacts in low bitrate codecs such as the Ibiquity HDC codec used in HD Radio. Several of its presets use this feature to allow “plug and play” processing at low bit rates.
This model replaces the Optimod-DAB 6200. The company says the new model has improved processing algorithms and more flexibility, 20 kHz audio bandwidth and 48 kHz internal sample rate.
Features include stereo enhancer, AGC, equalizer, phase-linear multiband compressor/limiter with two or five bands, and two stereo look-ahead peak limiters. Peak limiting can be “flat” or preemphasis-aware at 50 or 75 microseconds, which the company says allows the 6300 to protect preemphasized analog STLs.
Outputs are stereo analog and two AES2 digital. Any one can emit the output of any of the following processing chains: stereo enhancement, equalization and AGC without look-ahead peak limiting; stereo enhancement, EQ and AGC with look-ahead peak limiting; stereo enhancement, EQ and multiband processing (2- or 5-band, including AGC) without peak limiting; and the same with peak limiting.
“In one typical broadcast application, the 6300 substitutes for the AGC in an Optimod at the transmitter and provides protection limiting for the STL,” the company said. “Digital output #1 emits the peak-limited output of the AGC to drive the STL. The AGC is turned off in the transmitter-side Optimod.”
The 6300’s AGC can substitute for the AGCs in various earlier Optimods and is more advanced than those in the 2200, 8200 and 9200, so it can upgrade the performance of those older products when substituted for their AGCs, the supplier stated.
Presets with familiar names help broadcasters match the sound of an 8400 or 8500 when using the 6300 as a studio AGC or HD Radio processor. Presets can be recalled by remote control.