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Orban Personalities Appear in AES Broadcast Track

Bob Orban plans demo of CBS Loudness Controller within Optimod-Surround 8585 audio processor.
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Orban founder Bob Orban will take part in a "Loudness Workshop" during next month's AES convention in San Francisco.

"He will use the third-generation CBS Loudness Controller within Orban's Optimod-Surround 8585 audio processor to demonstrate automatic loudness control on a rogue's gallery of problematic material," the company said.

"Additionally, he will demonstrate Orban's free Loudness Meter application for Windows 2000, XP and Vista. The application simultaneously displays a Jones & Torick CBS loudness meter, an ITU-R BS.1770 loudness meter, a VU meter, and a PPM." That event is Friday, Oct. 3.

Separately, Orban and his colleague Greg Ogonowski will appear at the "History of Audio Processing" session.


Broadcast Sessions at AES

These are among the broadcast program sessions at the AES convention in San Francisco. Other sessions cover topics including DTV audio myths and lip sync issues.

Orban Expands SBE Teleconference Schedule

Orban Labs, a worldwide leader in audio processing for AM, FM, TV and Internet broadcasting, is continuing its series of SBE Teleconferences with company founder Bob Orban through the summer. These teleconferences are presented at selected SBE chapter meetings throughout the USA. Mr. Orban will make a 45-minute presentation at each meeting on audio processing and loudness control, followed by a Q&A session with attendees. Teleconferences are sponsored by Broadcast Supply Worldwide (BSW), longtime distributor of Orban Optimod audio processors.