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Orban Personalities Appear in AES Broadcast Track

Bob Orban plans demo of CBS Loudness Controller within Optimod-Surround 8585 audio processor.

Orban founder Bob Orban will take part in a “Loudness Workshop” during next month’s AES convention in San Francisco.

“He will use the third-generation CBS Loudness Controller within Orban’s Optimod-Surround 8585 audio processor to demonstrate automatic loudness control on a rogue’s gallery of problematic material,” the company said.

“Additionally, he will demonstrate Orban’s free Loudness Meter application for Windows 2000, XP and Vista. The application simultaneously displays a Jones & Torick CBS loudness meter, an ITU-R BS.1770 loudness meter, a VU meter, and a PPM.” That event is Friday, Oct. 3.

Separately, Orban and his colleague Greg Ogonowski will appear at the “History of Audio Processing” session.