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Orban Ships Optimod 8400HD FM Audio Processors

Orban Ships Optimod 8400HD FM Audio Processors

Orban has shipped to customers the first Optimod-FM 8400 audio processors equipped with the new FM IBOC, called “HD FM” processing module. The 8400HD FM processor has been used on-air in Ibiquity Digital’s HD Radio tests on alternative-rock-formatted KROQ, Los Angeles and classical KDFC, San Francisco.
The 8400HD FM system has multiple outputs to drive both the analog and digital transmission channels, both of which operate simultaneously during HD Radio transmission. The 8400HD FM’s analog outputs are identical to those provided by Orban’s flagship Optimod-8400 and are optimized to provide processing to accommodate the pre-emphasis used on the analog FM channel.
8400HD FM adds an extra AES/EBU output to drive the digital HD Radio channel. This output provides look-ahead peak limiting that operates in parallel with the FM peak limiting. Shipping with the 8400HD FM is version 3.0 software for 8400, which runs on
all 8400s (including those without the DR module). Suggested U.S. retail price for 8400HD FM is $12,550.