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Orban Strips Down Its 5500

New stereo encoder is compatible with Optimod processors

The new Orban Optimod-FM 5518 stereo encoder has many of the features of Optimod-FM 5500 processors but it is much cheaper because it lacks the processing section. It is aimed at broadcasters happy with their current processor but in need of a separate stereo encoder.

The one RU 5518 offers high sample rates (64 kHz–512 kHz), low-pass filtering, overshoot limiting, composite limiting, diversity delay (up to 16 seconds) and an ITU412 multiplex power controller.

Orban says that the 5518 can be at home in an HD Radio chain. Onboard pre-emphasis is standard 50µS or 75µS. It can be remote controlled and monitored via Ethernet and RS-232.