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Orban Supplies Astral Media

Optimod-FMs to process the Great White Noise
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The story "V-Soft Upgrades" can be found here. An edition of Radio World NewsBytes pointed some readers to the wrong link.

Audio processor maker Orban has announced the sale of 28 Optimod-FM 8600 digital processors to Canada’s Astral Media.

Frédéric Vendette is Astral Media’s manager of technical services. He told Orban that the purchase was made after testing of “numerous units from competing audio processor manufacturers.”

Astral Media is a Canadian multimedia company with 83 radio stations in 50 markets, along with 22 television stations.


The 8400: Orban’s ‘Best-Ever’

Two main reasons audio processing is employed on FM radio stations are, of course, to prevent over-modulation and maintain a relatively consistent audio level for changing program content. The Optimod-FM 8000 did that job very satisfactorily.