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Oregon’s Digital KOPB Plans Extra Channels With BE Gear

Oregon's Digital KOPB Plans Extra Channels With BE Gear

Oregon Public Broadcasting’s KOPB(FM) in Portland plans to go IBOC by the end of the month and is preparing to transmit supplemental digital audio channels. So says Broadcast Electronics, which indicates the station purchased a BE FMi 201 low-powered transmitter and BE FXi 60 digital FM exciter with Exgine card for separate analog and HD Radio transmission.
The station shares a master antenna system with five other stations in Portland.
KOPB will generate the digital signal at the studio using BE’s XPi 10 exporter unit in order to prepare for secondary audio channel transmission, also called Tomorrow Radio.
“Tomorrow Radio is central to our plans for HD Radio and it was a major part of the RFP for this project,” states Director of Engineering, RF Systems for Oregon Public Broadcasting Everett Helm.