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O’Rielly Pays Call on WSB

Tweets his meet-and-greet tour, does some on-air

FCC commissioner Michael O’Rielly mixed some broadcast business/pleasure with his trip to Atlanta for the NAB Radio Show this week.

According to an aide who was along for the trip, the commissioner wanted to do some local meets and greets while he was on the road and WSB Atlanta agreed to host a tour.

O’Rielly tweeted a picture of himself with WSB-TV GM Tim McVay and a member of the WSB-TV news team, Karen Minton. Following the TV station tour, he walked through the radio side of the operation, WSB (AM), and according to his aide, morning drive host Scott Slade put the commissioner on air impromptu and they talked about a few general FCC issues, including net neutrality. “Great questions,” O’Rielly tweeted with the photo shown at right.

The Republican O’Rielly should have felt right at home. The radio station features a lineup of conservative talkers including Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

O’Rielly was giving cable its due, too. He dropped by Turner’s digs — headquartered in Atlanta — for a tour before hopping on a plane for home Friday (Oct. 2) and tweeted a picture from there as well.