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Ottawa, Kan., College to Pay $12,200 Penalty

KTJO violated public file, EAS, ownership report and minimum operating schedule rules

The FCC’s Enforcement Bureau has a relatively new policy that allows certain student-run noncommercial stations to negotiate a lower penalty when they break certain commission rules.

That policy applies to Ottawa University station KTJO(FM), Ottawa, Kan., which signed an agreement stating that it violated rules governing public files, the ownership reports, EAS CAP compliance and the NCE minimum operating schedule.

Ottawa disclosed the violations to the agency when it filed license renewal paperwork, noting that quarterly issues and program lists were missing from the station’s public file from July 2005 through 2010. It also failed to file biennial ownership reports for 2007 and 2009, but has since done so.

During periods of 2009 and 2010, the station was silent without commission permission and was not EAS CAP-compliant on June 30, 2012, because some equipment it had ordered was “misplaced,” according to the agency’s decision. The EAS gear was later reordered and installed.

Ottawa and the commission signed a consent decree, which means both sides agree the case has been resolved.

KTJO will get just a four-year license and the university agrees to pay $12,200 to the U.S. Treasury within 30 days and oversee a three-year compliance plan for the station.