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PAB Conference to Feature Berg Tribute

PAB Conference to Feature Berg Tribute

The Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters announced its 20th Annual Engineering Conference, to be held on Nov. 4 at the Hershey Lodge and Convention Center in Hershey, Pa.
This year, PAB will be paying a special tribute to Nick Berg, the American tower climber and founder of Prometheus Methods Power Services Co., who was an exhibitor at last year’s PAB conference but was beheaded by Iraqi captors earlier this year. Berg’s father will speak briefly about his son and his early interest in broadcast engineering. Additionally, PAB commissioned an artist to render a drawing of Nick and his exhibit booth from last year’s show.
Scheduled for the conference: technical presentations; exhibits from radio and television broadcasting equipment manufacturers and service providers; and an on-site operational tour of NCP-4, the HD production tractor-trailers used for NFL HD Football.
Sessions include: “Why Your ‘SINE’ Matters”; “What Is Your Mic IQ?”; “New AM Transmitter Technology”; “Staying Legal With Your IBOC Spectrum Emissions and Power Levels”; and “Datacasting via HD Radio – Does It Work?”
Registration costs $25. Visit