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Pacifica Names Reese Executive Director

Interim ED given permanent appointment for nonprofit radio group

Pacifica Foundation Radio has named Summer Reese as its new executive director.

Reese had been the interim executive director for the past 18 months. She has also been chair of the Board of Directors.

According to a release, there were 63 candidates for the executive director job. The release is also quite frank about the situation with the pioneering nonprofit radio group saying Reese “will need to roll up her sleeves given the financial troubles at the flagship New York station WBAI and Pacifica’s well-known reputation for tumult.”

It also explains that the group “hopes to update its technological footprint with several digital content delivery initiatives, stabilize the NYC station which suffers from a wildly expensive radio tower site on the Empire State Building, and redefine community engagement and local broadcasting in an era of worldwide connections within seconds.”

In addition, Reese will be facing labor troubles at some stations along with money and governance (i.e. “tumult”) problems throughout the group.

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