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Pahrump FM Station Will Support Filmmaking

Advocacy organization wins a low-power CP over a competing application

A local film advocacy organization will have an FM radio station in Pahrump, Nev.

The Pahrump Film Festival had been in contention with the Albert Partlow Science Foundation for the opportunity, which resulted from the recent FCC application window expanding the number of LPFM stations in the United States.

This low-power signal will air at 97.7 MHz.

The film organization states in its application that it encourages locals to make movies and radio plays, and it works with a local high school to promote filmmaking. It said radio content will include “educational programs on the art of film making, reviews of famous and historical motion pictures, and how films have affected our culture from the past to the present.”

According to a summary of the FCC decision posted by consultant firm REC Networks on its Facebook page, the outcome was settled after the hopefuls filed objections against each other, citing problems with one another’s applications.

A Radio World search of the FCC database lists 893 LPFM stations now on the air and another 1,410 LPFM construction permits open. These numbers will grow as more outcomes are decided in the process of winnowing the mutually exclusive groupings.