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Pandora Enhances Customization

Expands personalization offerings

Pandora is making headlines again, this time letting users create “radio stations” by choosing a musical genre.

The big personalized radio service said, “Until now, stations on Pandora were created when listeners entered the name of a favorite artist, song or composer,” and “thumbs-up” and “thumbs-down” indications let the consumer shape the stations.

It said listeners lobbied for a way to start a station from popular genres but with the option to personalize the station.

Pandora has set up a number of genre stations that are “seeded” with relevant songs. They include “Today’s Adult Hits,” “Today’s Country,” “80s Pop” and so forth.

“More than 100 other micro-genre stations have also been created for listeners who are looking for a different type of station creation option, including: Alternative, Blues, Christian, Classical, Country, Easy Listening, Electronic, Family, Folk, Holiday, Indie, Jazz, Latin, New Age, and World.”