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Pandora Is Going to Step on Some Toes With This Claim

Thumbprint Radio has been played 5.5 billion times by 20 million listeners since December

Infographic: Pandora

Pandora has made a bold claim about one of its newer features. Thumbprint Radio, introduced last December, has been played 5.5 billion times by 20 million listeners. According to a Pandora blog post, that qualifies it as “the most popular radio station on the planet.”

Of course, that’s defining “radio station” extremely broadly, since each user’s Thumbprint Radio is unique and personalized to individual musical preferences, based upon listening history and “thumbs” up or down to indicate likes and dislikes (295 million of them in fact).

Spotify offers a similar feature — Release Radar — which highlights new music targeted especially to specific listeners. The streamer also says its version has been very popular with its users since its August introduction.