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Pandora Launches New Ad-Free Streaming Service

Pandora Plus offers more skips, offline listening for $4.99/month

Streamer Pandora has introduced Pandora Plus, its new ad-free internet radio subscription service.

Available for just under $5 per month, the price undercuts Pandora’s other premium offering (Pandora One) as well as that of many competitors, including Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal. Existing Pandora One users will be transitioned to the new service.

The company has been teasing this new service for months now, and industry insiders expect that competitors will shortly introduce their own versions of the product as a response.

“Our new predictive offline mode automatically detects when you lose signal and switches to one of your top stations that Pandora knows you love. No effort required. It just keeps playing,” Chief Product Officer Chris Phillips explained in the press release.

Additionally, the release also said users will be able to skip more songs in the new version, while the orginal ad-supported version of Pandora will offer listeners the option of engaging with a video ad in order to go ad-free for longer periods

Although the product is officially launching today, the company says it will be gradually rolled out to iOS and Android users over the coming months. Users in Australia and New Zealand will have to wait until 2017, however.

An online product demo will be available on Sept. 20, the company says.