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Pandora Sessions Grew in November

Ando Media updates its Internet audio rankings

Pandora did well in Ando Media’s latest rankings of listening to Internet audio stations and networks.

Pandora was tops in “average active sessions” for domestic U.S. audiences for the listening period weekdays 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., for both October and November (Ando released rankings for both months simultaneously).

Within that category Pandora saw both average active sessions and session starts increase in November, with 585,500 average active sessions (up from 556,300 in October) and 214 million session starts (up from 195 million the month before). Pandora’s average time spent listening is 0.83 of an hour.

Coming in second in both months for domestic weekday listening was CBS Radio (including AOL Radio and Yahoo LaunchCast). No. 3 was Clear Channel and No. 4 was Citadel. However all three of those broadcast-related entities saw their average active sessions drop a bit in November.

Slacker bumped Entercom from the fifth slot.

The Katz Online Network would have finished second in average active sessions if its constituent parts (including Clear Channel, Entercom and Cox) were taken altogether, though its AAS numbers also slipped.

Average active sessions are total listening hours divided by hours in the time period. “Domestic” refers to listening done inside the United States based on log-based information provided by the station.

You can read the latest Ando Media charts (four different ways of slicing the data, for each month), in PDF form.