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Pandora Taps Music Reports for Licensing and Royalty

New opt-in platform offers way for publishers to view, then potentially accept terms

Pandora has formed a partnership with rights administration platform Music Reports to manage the licensing and royalty administration for Pandora’s not–yet–launched interactive streaming service.

The agreement will provide open deal terms and “100 percent reporting transparency” through Music Reports’ digital rights marketplace. According to Pandora, the licensing opt-in platform will give music publishers greater insight into and control over how their catalog of musical works is played and will offer industry wide, consistent rates.

In its announcement, the company said the move will “bring a new level of openness to publishers and music makers.” The statement seems to be an attempt to answer ongoing complaints from music industry that streaming companies do not offer fair compensation to rights holders.

“Music Reports is in a unique position to reach every active publisher in the market, ensuring Pandora can offer them all the opportunity to participate in these new services, on the same terms,” said Music Reports Vice President and General Counsel Bill Colitre.

Music publishers can request a Music Reports account, which gives full access to the licensing and royalty reporting details that Music Reports administers for their songs.

To review and respond to the licensing offer, publishers can log into their Music Reports account online, then download a full copy of the agreement and also accept (or reject) the terms.

“As we expand the listening experience on Pandora, it’s important that we continue to ensure music makers are not only accurately and fairly compensated, but also have more control and greater transparency around the use of their art,” Pandora founder and CEO Tim Westergren said in the release. “That’s why Music Reports’ opt-in licensing and full reporting infrastructure is so important.”