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Pandora to Be on Apple Watch

The Internet audio provider is a “lean-back” experience, says CTO

Pandora will be on the Apple Watch, which is due to ship beginning April 24. Preorders begin Friday, according to Apple.

The Internet audio company was also on the iPhone when it launched in 2007, according to Pandora CTO Chris Martin.

“When using Pandora on the Apple Watch, you can start listening to your favorite tracks quickly and can view what tracks are playing at a glance,” says Martin. He also mentions users can access music modifications or control the volume without pulling out their phone.

Characterizing Pandora listening on the Apple Watch as a “lean-back” experience, he notes that many listeners use multiple devices at the same time (from TVs to game consoles to connected speakers.) The anticipated introduction of Pandora on the Apple wearable is a way for the Internet audio provider to be on whatever platform listeners are using.

Some 40+ apps are also available for the Apple Watch at the Apple App Store. NPR One is on the list.

“Your playlist, which lives on your iPhone, includes the shows you already listen to, as well as other content NPR thinks you’ll love,” says Apple. “You can use your Apple Watch to search for specific shows using dictation, see story names and episodes, and control basic playback functions.”

Apps for ESPN, CNN and the New York Times are also available, according to Apple’s list, which the tech developer promises will grow.