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Pandora’s Box Opens Wider

Web-based music service extends reach into more outlets

Pandora, the Web-based personal music service with ambition, has announced that its service can now deliver ads to consumer electronic devices such as televisions, Blu-ray disc players and tabletop radios.

Previously, Pandora ads were limited to delivery on PCs and smartphone and tablet apps.

Pandora Chief Revenue Officer John Trimble said: “Pandora is everywhere consumers are and that means that our advertisers are too. … Campaigns on this newest platform will primarily feature audio ads, which create a more lasting and emotive connection with consumers. The ability for brands to connect with consumers using audio ads on an in-home device is a new and exciting opportunity in our results-driven arsenal.”

The initial rollout will be limited to six advertisers per month. Pandora also indicated that video ads can work as well.