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Panoply Adds Content Management Feature

The Slate Group partners with Gimlet Media to introduce Megaphone

The podcasting arm of The Slate Group, Panoply, now offers a content management system for podcasters. According to an announcement, Megaphone is intended to help “create, monetize, measure and distribute podcasts more effectively.”

Since acquiring ad-insertion technology from an Australia-based startup in August, Panoply developers and producers have worked alongside the startup’s founders to build a Web-based application called Megaphone.

“As experienced podcasters, we created the exact system we ourselves would want to use,” Andy Bowers, chief content officer at Panoply and creator of Slate’s podcasts, said in a press release.

Right out of the gate, Megaphone will host Gimlet Media’s current and upcoming podcasts, as well as the full lineup of Panoply podcasts.