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Parker Seeks to Help With TFT Service Needs

Hopes to help customers locate support options

Now that TFT has shuttered its doors, how can users of its EAS gear, mod monitors and STLs find service for their products?

Longtime company employee Darryl Parker is trying to help though he is no longer affiliated with the business.

“We have contact with former TFT engineers and technicians who are interested in providing support for TFT product lines,” he told Radio World. “Employees who were laid off are seeking other full-time employment but can offer some time on weekends and off hours to repair TFT products.”

Anyone who needs support can contact Darryl Parker at (408) 219-5579 or [email protected].

“Technicians and engineers are doing this on an individual basis, and I am trying to coordinate,” he added. “Personally I want to help all the people who have helped me over the years.”

The TFT website is no longer active. The company’s phone line remains active but goes to a recorded message.

TFT Doors Are Shut, Future Unclear (Sept. 2015)