Parks No Longer at WLW

Had been Clear Channel Corporate VP for New Talk Operations
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Darryl Parks is no longer with WLW(AM). reports Parks was let go in a Clear Channel corporate restructuring; a Clear Channel rep confirmed in the account that Parks is no longer with the broadcaster.

Parks had been at WLW more than a decade, and was most recently known for writing a scathing blog about the FCC’s proposals to revitalize AM radio, we reported.

Parks had been promoted to Clear Chanel VP for News Talk Operations in 2010 and continued to host a Saturday talk show on WLW. He could not be reached for comment, according to the account.


WLW Sale Is Rumoured

“I’m told that Clear Channel managers here told employees Tuesday that the company could consider selling off WLW-AM and KISS107.1, or the tandem of FOX92.1 and Radio94.1.”