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Parter Capital Group Takes Over Puls-Plasmatechnik

Ampegon and PPT form a strong group in global scientific markets

Parter Capital Group today announced that it has acquired Puls-Plasmatechnik GmbH, a Dortmund, Germany-based manufacturer of high voltage pulsed power systems to merge product portfolios with Ampegon.

Parter Capital Group is a private equity consultancy firm that invests in traditional technology-driven industries. The firm already owns stock in Ampegon, a group of companies specialized in scientific applications and radio broadcasting markets.

“We welcome PPT as a strong partner to expand the expertise in pulsed high voltage applications,” said Ampegon CEO Josef Troxler. “With the addition of PPT’s knowhow Ampegon is complementing its product range and global market strength.”

PPT was previously owned by two of its founding members, Wolfgang Kaesler and Günter Böhm.