Party With Rock-Ola

Touchscreen music center is big — literally
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How about this for your next party?

The Mystic touch screen music center from Rock-Ola Mfg. Corp., which was on the show floor at the recent CES, is an Apple iPod-like touch screen device that's as big as your flat-screen TV, comes loaded with thousands of songs and works like a modern jukebox.

The Mystic can be hung with a standard TV mount. Optional feet allow the Mystic to reside on a table or countertop. The amp and speakers are built into the unit

Install Mystic on your wall, or on a piece of furniture, and you and your party guests can walk up to it and slide songs into the playlist and create new playlists. It also includes album art, cross-fading capability and a five-band graphic equalizer.


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