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Passion Promotes Eco Directory

For the recycling project, the independently owned station teamed up with allthingseco.

London-based DAB station Passion for the Planet is partnering another eco-friendly operation to keep domestic waste out of the ground.

For the recycling project, the independently owned station ? whose focus is health, the environment and alternative solutions ? teamed up with allthingseco in a scheme designed to make it easier for people to reduce, re-use or recycle their waste instead of putting it into landfill sites.

The two companies have compiled a directory — accessible via their Web sites — of ways in which people can do things like pass on unwanted items, recycle computers, find a new home for their furniture and give paint to a group that needs it.

There is also information on printer ink cartridge and mobile phone recycling schemes, local authority recycling initiatives, business recycling resources, charity shops, swapping and auction sites, and outlets selling recycled goods.