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TargetSpot Launches Ad Serving/Analytics Tool

Passport rolled out in beta last month

Ad platform TargetSpot said it launched an ad serving and analytics tool called Passport for the digital audio advertising community.

Passport, it says, was requested by its clients and publishers. It describes it as a tool “to help digital audio publishers make quicker and more efficient business decisions.”

“TargetSpot Passport launched in beta January 2017 to a select group of partners and publishers represented by TargetSpot Media Sales Team,” it stated. “The ad serving and analytics tool is the first launch of TargetSpot Passport ad suite, providing publishers with the necessary tools to fosters business insights and increase effective monetization.”

The announcement was made by CEO Alexandre Saboundjian.

TargetSpot is owned by media and content company Vivendi; its stated business goal is to connect brands and advertisers to internet and mobile audiences. TargetSpot highlights its ability to target consumers by demographics, listening preferences and other factors including geography down to ZIP code level.

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