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Patent Issued for “Futuri”

Former Listener Driven Radio gets patent for “Instant Alert”

The former Listener Driven Radio, now renamed “Futuri,” has received a U.S. patent for what it calls “Instant Alert” and its LDR technology.

The company develops social and mobile audience engagement tools for radio.

Using Instant Alerts, listeners can receive email, SMS text and tweets moments before their favorite songs play on the air. Futuri’s CEO, Daniel Anstandig and CTO, Brian Seeders are named as inventors on U.S. Patent No. 8,874,026.

Anstandig calls the patent a “milestone” for the company, and says Futuri has invested a “significant” amount in R&D related to interactive broadcasting as well as social and mobile technology for local broadcasters.

The patent is one of several patents and patent applications held by the company that describes and protects its interactive mobile and social apps, according to Futuri.

Cleveland-based LDR lunched in 2009.