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Pay Radio on Shaky Ground in Canada?

Pay Radio on Shaky Ground in Canada?

Auto and media companies warn of job losses and millions of dollars wasted, on the heels of a report that a Canadian cabinet member intends to ask regulators to reconsider their decision allowing pay radio.
The Globe and Mail newspaper reports that Heritage Minister Liza Frulla has drafted a request for the Canadian Radio-Television Commission to reconsider its earlier decision to allow XM and Sirius to sell subscriptions in Canada. Some groups from Quebec raised concerns about the amount of Canadian content the satcasters would provide.
The CRTC approved three pay radio licenses. The third, for CHUM/Astral Media, is for a similar service using terrestrial repeaters rather than satellites. CHUM/Astral appealed the approvals for Sirius and XM, saying it probably wouldn’t be able to launch if those services were approved.
The head of Sirius Canada told the paper that another review could mean a two-year delay to launch. He and the head of XM associate Canadian Satellite Radio say a delay would cost them money and force them to cut jobs as investors begin to review their options.
The paper reports the CRTC decision needs approval by a cabinet committee or the full cabinet, which has until Sept. 14 to send the decision back to the CRTC or kill it.