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PCI Audio Cards Get New Accessories

PCI Audio Cards Get New Accessories

Radio Systems and AudioScience have released “B.O.B.” wiring break-out-box accessories for the new ASI6000 series multichannel PCI audio cards. Operators can also employ cables that allow the B.O.B. to be used with the ASI4300 series. The rackmount units are available in XLR and RJ-45 versions and give users access to the channels of a card’s analog and digital I/Os, as well as clocking and sync signals. One multipin connector connects the unit to the audio card. Users need one B.O.B. to access a card’s digital I/Os or four analog channels. Multiple B.O.B.s can be ganged when access to eight stereo analog input and output channels is necessary. Radio Systems will also manufacture the B.O.B with XLR and RJ-45 connectors to support the users of its StudioHub CAT-5 wiring.