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Pesa Emphasizes Flexibility of TDM 3000

Pesa Emphasizes Flexibility of TDM 3000

Pesa Switching Systems Inc. has introduced a large-scale audio routing switcher designed to accommodate a denser switching matrix than conventional cross-point switchers.
The density is accomplished by using a Time Division Multiplex module. “When using TDM, much larger switchers can be compressed into a much smaller space, and with greater signal management flexibility,” the company stated.
Pesa positions the TDM 3000 as an alternative approach to handling low-bandwidth signals such as professional audio (digital AES/EBU and analog), SMPTE Time Code, Port switchers (machine control and data communications) and other signal formats to be routed within common router hardware architecture.
The system is available in three frame sizes. I/O modules can be mixed within a frame, eliminating the need for separate frames for each format type. The company said the design saves a substantial amount of rack space.
The TDM 3000 is compatible with the Pesa 3500PRO control system and works with RCP series control panels. Dual TDM cards can be installed, eliminating concerns about single-point failures. Each frame is capable of redundant power. The TDM 3000 accommodates signal switching requirements to 1,024 x 1,024 I/O.