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Philly Station Helps Kids Cross Street

Philly Station Helps Kids Cross Street

A Beasley station in Philadelphia said it will staff a busy intersection until a permanent crossing guard position is funded.
“Wired 96.5,” WLDW(FM), said it began staffing the intersection of Bleigh Avenue and Walker Street in Mayfair to help students navigate their way to and from school.
“In response to the Philadelphia Daily News article this morning calling for a permanent school crossing guard at the intersection, Wired 96.5 will staff the intersection with a crossing guard at 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. for students’ arrival and departure from school until a permanent school crossing guard is assigned,” the station announced.
“Wired 96.5 will broadcast live from the intersection at Edwin Forrest Elementary each morning and afternoon to update listeners on its efforts to keep community schoolchildren safe.”