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Pilgrim Radio Network Likes BW RBRX1

Sale is through SCMS

The Pilgrim Radio Network recently purchased two BW Broadcast RBRX1 receivers. The sale was through SCMS.

The director of engineering for Pilgrim Radio Network is Ian Perry. “We have a dual hop translator chain. The first hop is being fed from well over 100 miles away, and then feeding another translator 30 miles away,” he told SCMS.

“Both hops suffered horribly. Making things worse, the first hop had a new station go on the air causing first-adjacent issues. Then they started running HD, which further destroyed our input.”

Perry said the company installed an RBRX1 at the site and it cleared up most of the reception issues immediately. “When we installed the second RBRX1 at Site 2, that’s when we noticed the most dramatic improvement in the audio quality.” Perry has since purchased three more for other troubled sites, he said.

The RBRX1 earned a Radio World “Cool Stuff” Award last spring. Watch a video demo here.

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