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Pioneer XM Tuners Slated For September Retail Release

Pioneer XM Tuners Slated For September Retail Release

Pioneer expects its XM Satellite tuners to be available at retail stores in September. The tuners will work with various Pioneer head units and will allow consumers to receive XM’s programming. Pioneer’s line of satellite tuners includes:
* GEX-P900XM Add-On Tuner; MSRP: $199.
* GEX-FM903XM Add-On FM Modulated Tuner; MSRP: $249. This tuner includes a small display and remote control. It can be connecting to any existing mobile FM radio.
* DEH-P3370XM Head Unit/Add-On Tuner Package; MSRP: $399. This product includes a single CD head unit (DEH-P3300) and the add-on tuner in a single package.
“We’re excited to hear that XM is prepared to go ‘live’ this September,” said Keith Burnett, vice president of marketing, Pioneer Mobile Entertainment. Pioneer is ready to take orders from retailers, said Burnett.
Pioneer’s XM tuners are compatible with 14 new XM-ready head units introduced at CES this year and also can be used with millions of earlier Pioneer IP-Bus source units.